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ARTICLESTransparent AI

Insurers: Transparent AI at the service of pricing agility

In the world of insurance, increasing pricing sophistication should not happen at the expense of treating policy holders fairly. Artificial Intelligence has an undeniable role to play..

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PRESSTransparent AI

AKUR8: Transparent AI at the service of pricing agility

AI technology has been at the forefront of discussions around technology for a number of years now and it has been able to provide the insurance world with a plethora of benefits...

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NEWSTransparent AI

How to capture value from pricing analytics in P&C insurance post COVID-19

This webinar will explore how insurance companies can leverage AI and advanced analytics to gain a competitive edge...

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Akur8 raises $8.9M from BlackFin and MTech Capital

Far from replacing humans, Artificial Intelligence is actually coming to the aid of a very old profession that has fallen out of fashion to such an extent that people are increasingly not joining it...


Akur8 selected to join French AssurTech acceleration program.

We're proud to announce that Akur8 is among the 9 startups that will be supported by the French AssurTech accelerator and will benefit from privileged access to member mutuals.


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