How it works

a 10-day pilot that can be fully remote

• Pilot based on client dataset;
• 2 days on-site or remote training and support by our data scientists, then followed by remote support.

• Validate Time performance
of the algorithm to produce models;
Validate Akur8 Solution ergonomy;
Validate transparency and level of control on the models created.

What our customers say about us

Akur8 is a real time saver when dealing with modeling (ten times faster than Emblem’s whole process of modeling even with huge amount of data).
The tool offers efficient automatized models and gives also zoning solution with all the outputs assembled in a user-friendly visualization interface.
(Senior Actuary - AXA France)
Akur8 allows me to quickly and easily design high-performance models almost automatically. Thanks to the time saved, I can focus on bringing my business insights to the model thanks to a comprehensive customization and review.
(Senior Actuary - AXA France)

Want to test Akur8?

80%+ of the insurers who did a pilot with us are using our solution.