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At Akur8, we seek partnerships with best-in-class players in the global insurance ecosystem to provide our customers with the best value proposition on the market, tailored to their very needs.

Our trusted partners

Our partners include leading software providers, data providers and consulting firms.
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What our partners say about us

"At Duck Creek, we believe that Akur8 is setting the right foundation for the future of rate modeling. Their focus on transparency and control allows insurers to take advantage of the power of AI applied to rate management (...) Insurers are able to accelerate time to market while being confident in the predictive power of their models and the safety of their decisions. We are very excited to bring our combined strengths to the market."

Elizabeth Del Ferro,
VP of Partner GTM at Duck Creek Technologies

"The Akur8 platform is distinctive in the pricing landscape, with an innovative approach to incorporating data science in the ratemaking process."

Matthew Duke,
Chief Actuary, Head of Global Actuarial and
Analytics Services at Xceedance

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