All the pricing phases in the same tool

Easily use your Data

You can import a CSV file and prepare it for modeling processing.

Demand Forecasting

Akur8 provides automated demand modeling with clear feedback, ensuring full capture of market price-sensitivity and impact of price over demand.

Risk Modeling - GLM, Geography, Interactions in the same place

GLM is a powerful tool, but it may not be enough to explore hidden complex patterns in the data. Akur8 pricing solution allows you to rapidly discover clear and meaningful interactions in your data. You can also assess geographic risk with an easy and powerful overview.

Price Optimization

Akur8 provides a clear environment to test and optimize your pricing. Its unique technology allows you to define a clear pricing strategy, and visually inspect the impact of your decisions in term of Loss-Ratio, GWP or volumes.

Automated and consistent pricing process

Automated models creation
Reduce model building time by 10X, increase actuarial efficiency, thanks to our unique machine learning capabilities. Update your models faster to capitalize on market opportunities.

Higher model quality
Improve your sophistication and get superior performance through additional variables integrated automatically, interactions and geographic segmentation. Prevent errors in the pricing modeling with automated modeling.

Intuitive user interface & Seamless flow
Adopt a solution built for actuaries and optimized to enable actuaries to work in the most efficient way. Leverage the automated modeling process powered by our machine learning capabilities. You have a seamless flow of clear and logical steps. 

Previous work leveraged
Save time by applying consistent transformation across similar databases, and intuitively discover patterns across multiple modelizations.

Your knowledge empowered

Control & Impact your models
Decide the level of sophistication and complexity your organisation is willing to accept, based on its strategy. Unlike black-box models, the Akur8 solution allows you to have complete control over your model. You can directly input actuarial knowledge to fix extreme market segments in a user-friendly and intuitive way. You can also track your choices to fully understand the decisions made during modeling.

Clear Communication
Be able to communicate easily on the actuarial choices. Create a consistent and clear communication between actuaries and senior leadership.

GDPR enabler
Include your operational or regulatory constraints in the models, through a clear interface. Actuarial decisions are clearly tracked and documented - ensuring full GDPR compliance.

You work as one integrated team

Multi-user mode
Share data discoveries seamlessly to work effectively as a team. Akur8’s solution design is team based: centralize your modeling in one place, share your particular insight with just a link.

Automated documentation
Produce all required documentation in just a click thanks to Akur8’s powerful automated documentation feature. With fast documentation of modeling choices and the collaborative design of Akur8, your team can brainstorm and iterate faster on your business.


Easy production Integration

Various model export formats
Facilitate the export of the models thanks to a wide range of common export formats available natively.

Highest update frequency
Remove modeling time constraints allowing you to refresh pricing as required to support business strategy.

The Power of SaaS

Akur8 capitalizes on the strenghts of SaaS models

  • deployed and ready to use in a few weeks
  • unlimited processing power through cloud infrastructure
  • no IT integration effort
  • predictable cost
  • constant evolution of the solution

... and beyond

Dedicated Support

Live chat module with data scientists experienced in actuarial modeling


Full explainability of the solution's output


Training for business users


New business features added every month

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